‘Plenty’  Original Song Lyrics
Middleton Hiring Fair
Chorus:  Blow the wind off Kinder, the devil do I care
I’m off to see what luck for me
At Middle Hiring Fair
I married him at fifteen when I was six months gone
The village said I was well-wed to t’ miller’s eldest son
But the first time as he hit me I swore would be the last
Today he’s raised his hand again and so I’ve left the little bastard
I’ve left his bacon burning black, I’ve left his kettle on
I’ve left him and I won’t be back or tell him where I’ve gone
The village stood to watch me out, well let the buggers stare
I’m off to put meself about at Middleton Hiring Fair
Me name it is Joe Ryan I’m a blacksmith to me trade
And if I can’t make it out of iron, me lads, it can’t be made
But I’ve never found the master as’d ever treat me square
Mebbe I’ll find one to me mind at Middleton Hiring Fair
I called me boss a tosspot full of foundry-bottom slime
Which weren’t that diplomatic, but it felt nice at the time
He chased me out the workshop with  lump hammer and chisel
Which I think I’m right in saying counts as constructive dismissal
Oh, I milk fast and gentle and I can churn all day
I’ll scrub your parlour spotless and I’ll sleep on decent hay
I’ll cook your men their dinners while I sup on curds and whey
And all I want’s me pinafore and eighteen pence a day
Down at Middleton Hiring Fair the lads are in from  everywhere
The lasses all are looking rare with pretty ribbons in their hair
There’s swingboats and a dancing bear, ale and music everywhere
Another hour and I’ll be there at Middleton Hiring Fair
By the power vested in us as the makers of this song
We shall introduce this couple who are bound to get along
Well-met thou brazen chancer, well-met my lady fair
We’ll sing and dance and take our chance at Middleton Hiring Fair

The Hurdy Gurdy Man
By the graveyard gate a gaudy caravan
Bent upon the step a hurdy gurdy man
Sad and strange the tunes that twist beneath his hand
Melancholy music none can understand
Dark and driven dirges from another land

No-one stops to listen, none will meet his eye
No-one, save a beggar woman passing by
Hears some distant echo of her first romance
Stops and smiles and sways in her untroubled trance
Drops her ragged bundle and begins to dance

Rising from the doorway of his caravan
Grinding still and still the hurdy gurdy man
Leads the woman dancing, dancing here and yon
By the graveyard gate they dance and dancing on
Dance into the shadows and are gone, are gone

Save me from the darkness as the day grows dim
Save me from the night that I must dance with him

The Curse
So he calls by to say we can still be friends
One cliche, and a whole dream ends
Little dream of just him and me
Little wife, little house, maybe kids

So I try not to swoon like some drama queen
I won’t cry to the moon for what might have been
I just pray, as I watch him go,
That he dies, and soon, and slow

Better yet, may his new love turn out to be
Twice as useless in kitchen and bed as me
May she smell, may she snore as well
May she tell his best gag and forget the tagline

May her laugh have the lash of a million gales
May her back sprout a rash of reptilian scales
May he know she will be his woe
‘Til he dies and fries below

Seal Song
I live by the sea like my father before me
And I know her ways and her waves and her tides
And I know they’re mine
I live by the sea and I know her power when winds grow stormy
But I know a bay where we can play when the sun do shine
I live by the sea and she carries me with her
She carries me home where the breakers roll on a grey shoreline
I live by the sea and she feeds my kind with the fish that I gather
And  I know a bay where we can play when the sun do shine
Chorus:  But there’s a sea change coming, I feel it in the wind
All of the rivers run dark and the rain falls sour
That used to feed my friends, my friends and me
I live by the sea
I live by the sea but the sea is dying
And the days are drawing in for me and mine
Along the shore you can hear the sound of the young ones crying
For a bay where they can play when the sun do shine
I live by the sea and I must go to her
She’s growing dim to these poor eyes, I know the sign
Horizon light shows bright for better weather
And I know a bay where we can play when the sun do shine
Oh, show me that bright horizon light for better weather
And I know a bay where we can play when the sun do shine

Sing In The Day
Oh the lark in the air and the dove in the stable
The fox ghosting home and the calf in the hay
The lovers abed and the babe in the cradle
They’re all of them waiting to welcome the day
The man of the land and the factory hand
And the traveller ready to be on his way
The boy with his rod and their peaceable God
They are all of them ready to sing. . .
Chorus:  Sing in the Day!
              Old Sol has arisen
Freed from that prison where night-time held sway
Come away!
Glory is his and we’ll dance in the morning
And Sing in the Day
The jovial sun paints the dome of the sky
From his palette of sapphire and golden and grey
And the world turns again: this old boulder keeps rolling
And carries us on to the welcoming day
And the man of the land turns his face to the sunrise
And waits on whatever the morning will bring
So with hope in our hearts - and a weather-eye open -
We’ll sing. . .
For we brought nothing in and we take nothing out of here
Live for the day and be glad that you did
For one of these mornings you’ll wake to find out
You’re a very long time looking up at the lid
Therefore let us arise with the lark in the morning
And joy and be merry and love while we may
For it’s laughter and song roll this old world along
So we’ll dance in the morning and sing. . .
Halls Of Meroniel
Behind the wych elm, high on the moor appears the rising sun
And stepping by the stable door the dapple grey is gone
With a toss of his head as he crosses the meadow
Who in Creation could not love a horse?
The shining girl with the gold in her hair is riding the moors

And so she puts him into the trot; they ride to meet the day
Far from the Land of Whether-or-Not upon a dapple grey
Shunning the bridleways, running the riverbeds
Down hidden valleys of bracken and gorse
The shining girl with the gold in her hair is riding the moors

A blackbird’s cry then shatters the peace upon the crystal moor
And there before her rides a man where no man rode before
Saying “I am a knight of the Court of Meroniel
King of the land where the sun may not shine
And you must now to my master’s hall and with him you shall dine.”

“Ah,” says the maid,” “That never shall be, for you may mean me harm.”
“Ah,” says the knight, “we shall see what we see,” a-raising of his arm
And the sky it turned black and the earth it did crack
And it swallowed up maiden and dapple and all
Until she rode on the horse’s back into the Elf-King’s hall

Stricken with a dread, she looks about her
Spies an old man, grave and grey
A silver crown upon his head - rises to greet her
Says, “My pretty fair maid, good day.

“I am Meroniel, King in the Underworld
King of the land wherein the sun may never shine
And I have brought you here tonight for to grace my table
And with me you now shall dine.

“For I am an old man, older than the forest and my time is almost nigh
And in a year and a day they will lay me in the forest
In a year I am bound to die.”

“And what is that to me?” cries the maiden
(Steel in her eye and the golden in her hair)
“I need me a son,” laughs Meroniel
“And you shall be the mother of my heir.”

“Never!” cries the maid (steel in her hand now)
“Never with a stranger shall I lie
And, aye the minute that you try, you try to have your will of me
In that minute you shall die.”

“Spoken like a hero!” laughs Meroniel
“Spoken like the mother of the King that is to be
Ha, but the deed’s already done!” laughs Merioniel
Cast is the spell, and we shall see what we shall see

“The seed is growing yet in thee,” laughs Meroniel
“And in a little twelvemonth a mother you shall be. . .”

And at his words some darkling mist about her doth arise
And slow the crown-ed King begins to fade before her eyes
Then gone is the underground world of Meroniel
Bright is the sun in the welcoming sky
And in the meadow lies the maid, the dapple grazing by

“A dream! A dream!” so gladly she cries and smites the ground for glee
“A dream indeed,” the valley replies “And yet how real to thee!”
So mocking the air for her fairytale reverie
Laughing at where foolish fancy may roam
She walks the dapple down from the hill and brings him safe to home.

A year she passes, contented and fain to dwell in mortal realm
But soon the sun climbs crimson again behind the dark wych elm
And the very next morning her mother awakes
To the cry of a maiden so happy and wild
“Oh mother, mother, come and look upon your new grandchild!”

And seven knights on seven steeds appear upon the moor
And stately ride ‘til solemn they bide  before the maiden’s door
“We have buried this morning our master Meroniel 
And to this hearthside our blessings we bring!
We come to claim his only son who is our rightful king!”

No-One Writes A Blues Song Anymore
Feeling like I don’t know what to do feeling like I’ve been this way before
Need to sit and sing a blues or two or three or four
Cos troubles never come in ones or twos,
When it rains you know it’s gonna pour
Feeling like I need to sing some blues
But no-one writes a blues song anymore

What’s a girl to do, when she’s feeling sad and blue and lonely
Time was, some relief from all your pain and grief
Was only a blues song away but, hey,

Seems like all the old tunes done left town
Left those blues a-hanging round my door
Hello fellas, come on in, sit down
Cos no-one writes a blues song anymore

Same Old Song
Steel sky and an open road, I’m headin’ for the eastern light
Seein’ a friend from way back when
Gonna play some swing tonight
Soft light from your house is shinin’, spreadin’ round a warmin’ glow
I’m headin’ where I needn’t care
If I let a little feelin’ show
Chorus:  Nowhere to go but home
No-one to see but you
Nothing to sing but the same old song
To a tune we always knew
Good times, that don’t mean we’re always laughin’,
‘Cos happy don’t mean full of wine
Just playin’ slow and talkin’ low
And singin’ with a friend of mine
Good friends, we never have to try, never have to force a smile
This ain’t a song we like to play too strong
No, this one has different style
Goodnight, see you in the mornin’, coffee in the dawnin’ light
Be dreamin’ soon of that last tune
You know I never felt a thing so right. . .
Good times, that don’t mean we’re always laughin’,
‘Cos happy don’t mean full of wine
Just playin’ slow and talkin’ low
And singin’ with a friend of mine
. . .It’s still the same old story, a fight for love and glory,
    A case of do or die
    The world will always welcome lovers as time goes. . .
    Nothing to sing but that same old song to a tune we always. . .

This is Radio 2,  music through the night. . .
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