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        1.Middleton Hiring Fair(Baynham)                      2.The Hurdy Gurdy Man(Schubert/Baynham)                                 3.Double Yodel(Berryman/Berryman)

        4.Here’s That Rainy Day(Van Heusen)                5.La Vie En Rose(Piaf)                                                                          6.The Curse(Peacock/Baynham)

        7.Seal Song(Baynham)                                               8.Halls Of Meroniel(Baynham)                                                            9.No-One Writes A Blues Song Anymore(Baynham)

        10.Sing In The Day(Baynham)                               11.The Hair Of The Widow Of Bridlington(Thackray)               12.Same Old Song(Baynham)

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QuickSilver’s debut album released in 2003 contains  12 tracks in an eclectic mix of material including 8 original songs by Grant.
MiddletonClipmp3.mp3 Hurdy GurdyClipmp3.mp3