Celebrating 100 years of Comic Song
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QuickSilver’s stomping finale of (Victoria) Woods’ “Let’s Do It” alone is worth the ticket money
Kirkgate Centre Cockermouth UK

With “Make ‘Em Laugh!” QuickSilver weave a magical entertainment. . .a couple of hours of pure enjoyment from two outstanding professionals
Plumbland Village Hall  Cumbria UK
From the first Savoy Operas of the 1870s Comedy was King and the jovial genius of Gilbert and Sullivan, through Music Hall, Joyce Grenfell, Noel Coward, Flanders and Swann, old Uncle Tom Lehrer and all and might be said to have raised its last belly-laughs with Jake Thackray, Richard Stilgoe and Victoria Wood in the 1980s.

Those hundred years of hilarity are brought back to life by QuickSilver for an evening of sparkling song-based entertainment

Together Grant and Hilary revive memories of  the great stars  (and a few acts who hardly made it above the printer’s credits) in a celebration of that great institution, the well-crafted comic song.